Emergency Room Discharge

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You use the Emergency Room Discharge function to discharge patients
assigned to an emergency room nursing station area.Discharging the
patient updates the discharge date, discharge disposition, and account
close date.

To discharge an emergency room patient:

  1. Select Discharge Emergency Patient from the Census menu.
    You enter search criteria to find the patient you want to discharge on the selection screen.

  2. Enter a search criteria on the census options screen to select
    the patient for whomyou want to discharge.The screen lists patients
    that meet the search criteria.

  3. Select the patient you want to discharge.
    You enter information for this discharge on the Discharge ER Patient screen.

  4. Change the discharge date and time, if necessary.

  5. Enter the discharge disposition code in the Discharge Disposition field.

  6. Enter any other discharge information you have.

  7. Check that the information is correct and press Enter or click OK to discharge the patient.

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